A life-long fan of the visual arts,(James studied Drama at the National School of the Arts where he received distinctions for writing, literature and performance and then went on to achieve a distinction for Cinematography in his studies  at AFDA) his view of the world is profoundly original. His incomparable ability to play with light makes him the kind of guy you want beside you when you’re chasing it. An easy-going perfectionist, James can establish a visual mood that feels unique to each picture he works on.

James is a storyteller. A dab hand at developing a look to suit the individual board, he is relentless in his search for the exact compositions, blocking  and lighting states that best communicate the right state of mind.

Having worked his way up from a PA to a  DOP he most certainly knows his way around a set. He was recently invited to join the South African Society of Cinematographers.

“While I naturally gravitate towards dark moody pictures I really enjoy pushing my boundaries. As artists we all have a unique style that’s intrinsic to the individual but I really believe a true craftsman should be able to and should  enjoy working to a brief . Whether is light and airy or dark and sombre – as long as there’s a mood to be expressed I’m in!”